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I'm one part product manager, one part designer, and one part engineer. While wearing all three hats I use my systems thinking and strong empathy to optimize — the best attributes of craftsmanship, design execution, and user experiences.


Optimistic and adventurous, I’m constantly learning new things about creativity, myself, and the world around me. All my interests influence each other. I became interested in art because of skateboarding and fashion collaborations. Seeing these artists unite with designers led me to engineering and to craft innovative electronic devices. Exploring how things work, drew my attention to iterative processes of solving complex challenges and attention to detail required to make the best user-focused product. Everything is connected.


As a son of war refugees, I’m fortunate to have a blend of cultural experiences and connections across communities. I believe I can overcome any barriers to create a better future for others.


Hi, I'm Jonny!

4 Core Values:

People first / Innovation / Detail-oriented / Enthusiasm

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